4 Best Books to learn Python for Absolute beginners

4 Best books to learn Python 3 for Absolute Beginners

The efficiency of your Brain depends on the adaptivity of your neural network. To activate most the neurons you need to work out for your brain  & reading is the most efficient way to make your brain most active.

Number 1:

Learn Python the  Hard way written by zed Shaw.  

Before you start doing anything creative with programming first you have to understand the Building blocks of that language. That’s what this book takes you through. While Reading you feel this book always compels you to write down your own code. That what coding demand. If you make it till the end, Trust me you are the guy who confidently says yes I know those basics. 

Because here you learn it by practicing a lot. With the help of this book, you will Do the incredibly simple thing that all programmer do to learn a programming language. 

  • Go through each exercise 
  • Type in each file exactly    
  • Run it.

At the beginning you feel Bit difficult, but  if stick with it. You will learn the good foundation.In this book you learn python by working through 52brilliantly crafted exercise. That’s the best thing about this book.

” Surely enough this book won’t turn you into a programmer overnight, But it will get you started on the path to learning how to code.”

Number 2:

Automate the boring stuff with python written by Albert Sweigart.

If you create a list of 5 all-time best books of python you find this book in that list. Means, this one is too among the best. I  didn’t read this book completely yet. I go through a few sections of it…     

Like –

  • The web-scraping one
  • Working with CSV and JSON File
  • Sending Emails & text message using python                                                 
  • Manipulating the images.                                                                             
  • And few more 

While reading I really feel that the content of this book is very well Structured. And the problems are so efficient and deeply attached to the Core Concepts.  And that what I like most about it. Because while practicing code you need something that reallymake you think. This book does it very well.

Number 3: 

Python crash course written by Eric Matthes

Now, this is pretty interesting Guys. I don’t even read a single section of this book. And I am still talking about it. Because of its diverse popularity over different platforms. And I recently raised a question over quora regarding this book.  I am so amazed by the result 9 out 10 people rated it more than 4and half. Even it has a good rating over-

  • O’Reilly
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart 

That what inspire me to put this in my list. So it’s a peoples choice.

Number 4:

Learning Python

Learning Python written by Mark Lutz

It’s a book that I generally prefer when I want A kind of deeper knowledge, reagarding a particular topic. All the queries and concepts in this book are very practically and theoretically written.

But there are two thing that I really want to share with you guys . 

  • Don’t prefer this book if you just start with Python. Because it has a huge amount of content in it. And if you start with this it gonna consume your so much time and that will frustrate you.
  • Next one the size of this book. It’s heavy that you can’t carry in your backpack. If you have a habit, of reading while travelling it’s really painfull to carry that extra burdon.

So in the end, If you just begin with python I suggest you guys go with the first Three  & if you need more in-depth Knowledge ,Go with the 4th one.

” These all are my views, you could have different Opinion if you have Please put them in the comments. “

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