Artificial intelligence hype vs reality: Why Media is Buzzing a lot of AI


What Is AI?

When people hear the term “AI” they tend to picture sentient robots, like those seen in many sci-fi movies. Eg:

However, AI, or artificial intelligence, actually encompasses a wide breadth of subfields including machine learning, deep learning, data science, robotics, and automation. In broad terms, AI refers to any agent that is capable of making autonomous decisions in a given situation or scenario. The artificial aspect of AI refers to the fact that each AI must be trained or taught about an environment or interactive protocol before it can learn to “think” or act on its own.

When you look at well-known applications of AI like Google’s AlphaGo Zero, you get the impression it’s like magic happen: AI learned the world’s most difficult board game” GO” in just three days and beat champ of the Game. Seems so easy and And everyone out there is like wow…. But no one knows How.

This thing reminds me of Professor Dan Ariely from Duke. One of his most famous punch line regarding AI He said:-

Artificial intelligence is like teenage sex:  Everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it. 😉 ”

Hopefully, you are laughing own your and saying yes it is.

Same happens in the case of AI every one seems to be amazed by results and That very buzzing of AI creates a Hype of AI.

AI Will Soon Replace Humans in the Workforce

Of all the hype surrounding AI, the threat of it replacing humans in the workforce is by far one of the most enduring. Media outlets love to run stories about AI threatening the livelihood of citizens all around the world, and while their motivation is clear, that of the minority of tech leaders who add fuel to this fire of misinformation is not.

While there’s little question, at least among those who have first-hand working knowledge of AI, that the prospect of a robotic invasion has been greatly exaggerated. While it expected, Low skilled jobs and those that involve repetitive or predictive tasks are most likely to be replaced by automation or AI.

A study by McKinsey determined that nearly 79% of (predictive) manual work and 69% of data processing could strongly benefit from AI-based automation processes. Jobs in agriculture, construction, the accommodation and food services, and the manufacturing sector were most likely to fall into this category.

The technical potential for automation in the US

Image source: McKinsey

Today’s AI systems do their best to emulate or mimic the functionality of the human brain’s neural networks, but they do this in a very limited way. To accomplish that, They use a technique called deep learning. Read more about deep learning.

It does not happen first time in human history that some tech stuff got that much hype. Every decade seems to have its technological buzzwords: we had personal computers in the 1980s; Internet and worldwide web in 1990s; smartphones and social media in 2000s; and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in this decade.

AI Is the Solution to Everything

Like with many new and misunderstood technologies, opinions about AI seem to range from one extreme to the other. If it’s not destined to extinguish humanity, it’s going to save us from, well, everything. So in some respects, AI could actually save humanity in a way that few might have anticipated.

AI helps farmers feed people

Image source: Intel

While much of the excitement in AI has led to progressive developments, Rather that based on some logical facts most of it appears to be based on “irrational ebullience”.   It seems that we still require significant breakthroughs before AI systems can truly imitate intelligent life.

Conclusion :

Simply say whatever today we hear about AI, 70% of it based on practical aspect and 30 % is media. And it’s an ongoing process, this is how tech work. The hype creates buzz which attracts more people to work on it more and more.

The last point worth mentioning is that AI has an incredible vision for multiple reasons & has to be taken seriously because of it worth your future. You one right step will lead to a glorious and cheerful future.

I have been working in the field of artificial intelligence for the last 3 years. While teaching and reading I came to believe that 21st-century technologies— especially artificial intelligence and robotics, Blockchain —will transform reality.

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